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Passionate Professors

"We are a group of passionate young artists, we locate in Downtown Beijing close to The Forbidden city! We use the lovely Beijing bike cafe space to teach foreign guests Calligraphy and art. You can easily walk to forbidden city , Beihai park & Jingshan park & Beijing hutongs from our location. We are the part-time teachers of course. All of the guests Love Calligraphy lessons! As well water color & ink brush. We are so impressed with the foreign kids" talent! Some guests collect many of our art piece of Hutong , Forbidden city and Greatwall which we are very thankful to all of them. We await you in Beijing!  

We are passionate retired professors! We dance in the park and practice calligraphy on the floor, We sing in the morning with our birds together. Richard Li discovered us. Richard Li Created Hutong Calligrapy Tours. We have never talked with any foreign friends in our life. but now because of Richard. We got to know the people in the world. We met he  6 years old little friend Simon & his mum an dad too.  Now we are happily work with Hutong Calligrapy tours!  We truly love Chinese culture, We would love to share our spirit to our guests a far. We can’t wait meet you and share our knowledge with you!

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Hutong Calligraphy specializes in helping the western world get to know China with Calligraphy& Chinese Art!

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